May I just have a moment of randomness please. I just want to say turn to the person or people you love right now tonight and tell them how much you truly love them. Tell them all the things you love about them better yet hug them and don’t let go, make it last until they know, really know how you feel.

God is good…I mean God is really really good. Tonight I could have lost my husband…He had a car accident tonight and strangely I knew it happened before I knew it happened (no one said this was going to make sense lol) I was in the bathroom roller setting my hair 🙂 and I kept feeling the strong urge to call my husband but I kept ignoring the urge wanting to finish my hair. The feeling, the urge turned into a kind of voice in my head and I almost can hear someone faintly saying, “call him” but I wouldn’t. I wanted to finish my hair. I figured I would call and check on him when I was done. Then the thought was seeping into my head (boy, he sure is taking a long time to get home from work). Then the baby started acting up and messing with everything in the bathroom, and as if to add to my craziness the baby took all my hair products from under the sink and started scattering them everywhere. It was so loud like a crashing sound (yes I said like a crashing sound) he was just being strangely destructive. I was getting a weird anxiety at the moment and asked my older son to take him out the bathroom and my exact words were “I can’t take it, I can’t take this right now” I was talking about the crashing sound and my phone rings…

I ask my son to answer it please I can’t right now and I hear “what, your in an accident?”….

My heart skipped a beat as a grab for the phone…As I skip forward let me just say that my husband is ok, the people in the other car are ok and God is so good the other driver admits it was his fault.

I thank God for the serious prayer warriors from my church. When I didn’t know fully what had happened, because he had to quickly hang up and promised to call me back, that he just wanted me to know what had happened. I was left confused scared and worried. But I remember a song I use to sing, that whenever you have done all you can all that’s left to do is stand. Basically pray and let God handle the rest. So I texted TWO people from my church only TWO asking for prayer. Asking that my husband would be ok. That the other people would be ok, asking just for prayer and to please spread the word and boy did it spread 🙂 We waist no time. My brothers and sisters in Christ jumped on that prayer bandwagon like a family you could only wish you had. I got text messages from the instant letting me know that their praying. My phone just kept alerting me of a new warrior praying for my husband every second.

When I hear the details it scares me, and to know he was driving 60 miles an hour when this person backed out in front of him, to hear that he had to swerve into on coming traffic and he is able to walk away can only be God.

Thank you Lord for saving my husband, thank you for giving our family more time with him. Obviously you still needed him here to do your work and I pray he makes you as proud as he makes me.



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