{January 9, 2012}   Quick Snack

Heres a very quick snack that my children love to eat in the afternoon. Apples and Peanut butter…

If you have an apple slicer use that to cut your apples into wedges. If you don’t have one I suggest you get one they are an awesome investments. They are about $7 bucks, but my suggestion is to check the kitchen supply section of your nearest thrift store first, they always have wonderful buys. Spoon out some peanut butter onto each of their plates/bowls and let them scoop it up with their apple wedges. Mmmmm sooo good!  Kids just love this. It’s a really good filler until dinner time and the peanut butter is good for them too, but don’t forget the roughage the apples offer. It’s really good for those kids that have “bathroom issues” The apples “get them going” :-0

Good Bless and enjoy!




Kids love smoothies. It’s like a dessert to them, or just the fact that it’s in a cup with a straw is sometimes so much more appealing to them. Especially when you want them to eat a more exotic fruit like a papaya. Maybe not so exotic to us, but sometimes very strange to children. According to my kids the papaya is: slimey, eww, wet, etc. (I’m sure you get the point). Now take that same fruit turn it into a smoothie and stick a straw in it and voila! “Oooh mommy this is good.”

So this is what you do:

Cut a papaya in four slices (slice it long not across if that makes sense). With a knife just gently brush the seeds off (into a bowl because you can dry them and plant them later). Then with your knife slice the skin off and place papaya into blender. About 2 cups of vanilla almond milk, and 1 serving of vanilla yogurt. For children you might be able to get away with no sugar because of the vanilla yogurt but if you feel the need just add two table spoons (preferably one ) of sugar. Blend with half a cup of ice and enjoy! Very simple and easy really can’t go wrong 🙂


{January 5, 2012}   Whats for dessert?…

For dessert I did something very simple that I’ve told you guys about before. I actually got this from my girlfriend in Vero Beach and tweaked it to my liking.

Fruit Medley

Choose what fruit you would like to use or in my case (what fruit I can afford at the time lol) and for this dessert we used: green grapes, red grapes, and strawberries which I actually cut in fours to make it seem like more and to evenly distribute amongst the other fruit 🙂 and blueberries. Wash thoroughly and separate grapes from stems.

Place the fruit in a large enough Tupperware and shake. Then squeeze lemon juice over top to preserve fruit and keep it fresh. refrigerate for a while to chill then put spoonfuls in each bowl and a dollop of whip cream if you would like and watch the smiles on your family’s face 🙂


et cetera