{January 9, 2012}   Protective styles?…Does that make me un-natural? lol

You can use sew-in’s as a protective style for your natural hair. I do understand that there are people out there that may not consider you “natural” any more once you’ve decide to start wearing sew-in’s, but please people let’s get over this. Natural is that you have made the decision to stop relaxing your hair. Isn’t that the main idea? So if someone decides to wear a sew-in or braids as a protective style because of the weather where they live or there lifestyle, must we really burst there bubble and say they are no longer natural? Aren’t we all for the same goal?

Hear are some you tube videos of sew-in’s that I’ve done on clients…Enjoy!


Bibi says:

Nice job on your latest project!!! Girl you are indeed getting better with every project!!! Proud of you girl!!! Keep up the good work…

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