{January 2, 2012}   How to be a good host as a vegetarian.

Today we had a new years dinner with some friends from church. We really enjoyed ourselves and we suspect our guests did too. We try to think of things that they would enjoy eating and would keep there minds off of the fact that there is no meat.

Soo…what did I make for dinner you ask? I made a baked mac and cheese with chopped onions and extra cheesy (mmm soo good).  I picked some greens from my garden and cut those up and made them into a wonderful spicy dish. The reason I focused on spicy is because most people like to cook there greens with a ham hock or some sort of meat for flavoring and since I don’t I needed to focus on a bold flavor for my guests so I went with spicy and It was good. Baked beans was a given when there is baked mac and cheese usually baked beans is to follow and I found a great brand called VanCamp’s, they don’t have the bacon in them and they are so good. Then I made a potato salad. I would have loved to have a huge greek salad but I didn’t have enough time to make one (next time). I put veggie burgers in the oven seasoned them a bit and made burgers with mayo ketchup and mustard. I must say not everyone can do veggie burgers and I did notice one of my guests left most of his on his plate and that’s ok he wins a lot of points with me just trying it 🙂 Lastly I made a punch with frozen guava and mango and 1 1/2 bottles of ginger ale and lots of ice.

If you are a vegetarian please comment and let me know what you had for dinner this holiday season I’m always up for swapping recipes…Thank you and God Bless

Simone 🙂


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