{December 29, 2011}   As a vegetarian with 4 kids what do I feed my family?

Being a vegetarian and a mom can be challenging for some people. It’s one thing to only have to feed yourself, that’s easy pull over at a vegetarian restaurant or a Panera bread or you can buy a salad from any non vegetarian restaurant, there are so many options. But when you have a family especially a big family you need to live off of a budget.

For one thing my husband and I live by Dave Ramsey’s method of budgeting which is off topic right now but if you have any questions on budgeting or about Dave Ramsey send me a comment and I would love to answer. That program will change your life completely. So back to feeding your family, one of the things I do is shop bulk like a BJ’s or Sams for example. You can buy your fruit and vegetables there wash them and freeze some. The ones frozen can be made into smoothies as the week goes on and the fresh ones can be put in ziplock bags or Tupperware and given as snacks.

One of my girlfriends who has 3 kids did a wonderful medley of green grapes, red grapes, and strawberries all washed and placed in a bowl and to see these kids surround her like little ducklings was such a precious sight to see. I mean these kids were acting as if the medley was some big bag of candy that other kids would go crazy for. Once there bowl was done they ran back to her “mommy more mommy more” LOL. Now remember if you have a very young child you need to cut the grapes into smaller pieces. You should never leave a toddler alone with grapes anyways due to choking hazards.

This afternoon that is what my 19 month old had as his snack, a fruit medley. To watch him sit there and enjoy the fruits was so rewarding to me. For breakfast he had a waffle that I just easily put in the toaster and cut up in small pieces and placed in his bowl and gave to him with his almond milk in his sippy cup with 2 spoonfuls of baby cereal and some water shaken up real good. The baby cereal is good for him because it’s so high in vitamins and him being a vegetarian I want to make sure he gets all the good in him possible.

One of their favorite dishes that I make that they love it baked spaghetti with morning star crumbles. What you do is place the crumbles in a hot skillet like you would ground beef (yuck) lol. season it just the same as you normally would. I season with garlic, salt, pepper, and green peppers. While that’s cooking your spaghetti should be boiling and getting tender. Drain spaghetti and put in bowl along with your cooked crumbles. Mix around with Ragu (or any other sauce you may prefer) Sometimes I open a can of sweet corn and mix it in as well and sometimes I’ll put a little sugar in my ragu. Then I layer. In a pirates dish I put some of the spaghetti then lots of cheese another layer of spaghetti then a lot of cheese and so on. On the top I sprinkle more cheese and then bake in the oven for about 30 min on 350 degrees. Let it cool then cut in squares. You can put some garlic bread with it and a nice salad. Place an ice cold pitcher of water on the table and watch everything disappear right before your eyes 🙂 Hurry before there’s none left for you! God Bless 🙂



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