{December 28, 2011}   How to become a vegetarian

Good Morning Friends,

On this post we will be discussing how to become a vegetarian.  I have people ask me everywhere I go “how do you do it,where did you start, how do you start.” Well in this post I plan to answer these questions for you and hopefully more.

If you are reading this post you are most likely interested in vegetarianism and if so my question to you is WHY? It is very important to have a reason for becoming a vegetarian, something you are truly passionate about or else you most likely wont stick with it.

Ok here we go I have provided a list of 6 easy steps to becoming a vegetarian and I use the word easy very loosely because it may or may not be as easy of a transition for you as it was for me everyone is different.

1. WHY?: Like I said before you need to know why you want to become a vegetarian. What ever your reason is that will be your daily reminder and give you strength on days you are feeling weak. My reason personally is the killing of animals. Do your own research and find your own reasons but personally the treatment of these animals when they are alive is cruel and inhumane to me and disgusts me to be apart of it in any way. My husband has his own reasons which differ from mine but whatever your reason is be passionate about it believe in it and it will keep you going daily.

2. ONE STEP AT A TIME: With this I mean you don’t necessarily have to jump head first into this lifestyle. You can take your time by cutting out one meat at a time. Start with red meat steak beef etc. and the next week try another and see how that works for you. Personally my husband and I just went cold turkey (ironically lol) and never missed a beat but that option isn’t for everyone. I don’t want you to be miserable and feel as though you are depriving yourself of what you love or like, which takes me back to step one you have to have a reason something you are passionate about for doing this then you wont feel deprived.

3. SUBSTITUTIONS: There are many meat substitutions out there like morning star and Boca that have meatless options for you especially if you have a young family that you are transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle. You can also find recipes on the back of there packages. Now I must note if you have an older family like one with teenagers for example it is my recommendation to allow them to choose themselves wether they want to be vegetarian or not. I do this with my older kids and they for the most part choose to be vegetarian. I’ve seen them slip up here and there but I don’t scold them and I allow them to make it there choice no matter how I personally feel about it. which brings me into my next step….

4. DON’T JUDGE: Please don’t judge others while on your journey to becoming a vegetarian. I do not look down on other peoples  reasons for eating meat just as I would not want them to look down on me and my family for NOT eating meat. We live in this wonderful country were we can make choices and lets not ruin that by pushing our lifestyles on others if their not interested.

5.BE PREPARED: It is very important to be prepared when going to a dinner, party, restaurant, holiday party or get together. This is the easiest way to fall of the wagon so to speak if you have not thought ahead of what will be there that you can possibly eat. Trust me my husband and I do that until this day before we go anywhere that may not be vegetarian friendly. We discuss options like salads, pastas, rice and so on. It may be easier for us also because we are not vegan meaning we don’t mind eating eggs, cheese etc. although I don’t drink cows milk (also for the inhumane treatment of the cows and the soreness of there utters etc.) and yes I know cheese is dairy but again it ‘s a choice I am at this time ok with and which may change later.

6. ASK QUESTIONS: No one cares more than you do that your a vegetarian and you will learn that very quickly. When you go somewhere please please please ask the infamous question which will become part of your daily life lol. “Is there meat in this?” Then check for yourself. Plenty of times I have gone to restaurants and specifically told them we are vegetarian please make this salad without chicken or bacon to find under all my lettuce is a colony of bacon. You have to check your own food no one truly cares like you do.

Well I hope I was able to answer all of your questions if not please ask me whatever else you would like to know and I will do my best to answer them for you. May God Bless you ❤



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