{December 28, 2011}   Poll: Are you relaxed or natural?

Cheryl says:

How do I keep my hair from being so dry?

How do I know what my hair type is?

I would like to do more research on your hair type question. I noticed there are quite a few naturals out there talking about hair type this and that but to be honest with you I feel that as african american’s we have our own special curl pattern. We are so diverse in color, curl pattern etc. that it’s really difficult for me to believe that we can categorize our “hair type.” I would like to say that this comment on hair type is just of the top of my head with no research done yet at all so after my studies if I am proven wrong that my thesis is incorrect I have no problem acknowledging that and informing you with the truth but these are my thoughts. I do believe that someone can have a similar curl pattern as someone else but to categorize is not likely for me at this time.

Now for your dry hair question. Cheryl, naturally curly hair needs and craves moisture. Let’s start with your scalp so I can give you more understanding. The scalp is like your skin just like you lotion your skin to keep it moisturized you need the same care for you scalp. Each of our hairs grow out of a follicle on our scalp as a protein made up of keratin.Each follicle has an oil gland that secretes oil which lubricates our hair. On a curly head we have about 100,000 strands of curly hair where as on a head with straight hair they have about 120,000 strands and remember with each strand is a follicle which is producing oil which moisturizes our hair, but with curly heads having so much less follicles to give off the oil we need we end up with drier hair. So if you have tightly coiled hair it’s harder for the oils to make all the twists and turns it needs to get all the way to the ends to lubricate your hair in the way it needs to be. Therefore we need to moisturize our hair on a daily basis. Now for your question. How you ask. Well, I stumbled upon a product called Shea moisture. You can get the entire starter kit at Walgreens for $14. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, hair mask (which really will help your dry hair) either sit under a dryer with the mask then rinse or leave it in. Also there is a moisture spray which is almost like an oil and spray it on your scalp and ends it smells lovely. Try these let me know what you think but I think your going to like it. God Bless 🙂

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