{January 11, 2012}   My new blog

Hey guys I’ve started my new blog at  If your my follower you can continue to follow me there. See you soon and God Bless! 🙂


{January 9, 2012}   Quick Snack

Heres a very quick snack that my children love to eat in the afternoon. Apples and Peanut butter…

If you have an apple slicer use that to cut your apples into wedges. If you don’t have one I suggest you get one they are an awesome investments. They are about $7 bucks, but my suggestion is to check the kitchen supply section of your nearest thrift store first, they always have wonderful buys. Spoon out some peanut butter onto each of their plates/bowls and let them scoop it up with their apple wedges. Mmmmm sooo good!  Kids just love this. It’s a really good filler until dinner time and the peanut butter is good for them too, but don’t forget the roughage the apples offer. It’s really good for those kids that have “bathroom issues” The apples “get them going” :-0

Good Bless and enjoy!


You can use sew-in’s as a protective style for your natural hair. I do understand that there are people out there that may not consider you “natural” any more once you’ve decide to start wearing sew-in’s, but please people let’s get over this. Natural is that you have made the decision to stop relaxing your hair. Isn’t that the main idea? So if someone decides to wear a sew-in or braids as a protective style because of the weather where they live or there lifestyle, must we really burst there bubble and say they are no longer natural? Aren’t we all for the same goal?

Hear are some you tube videos of sew-in’s that I’ve done on clients…Enjoy!

May I just have a moment of randomness please. I just want to say turn to the person or people you love right now tonight and tell them how much you truly love them. Tell them all the things you love about them better yet hug them and don’t let go, make it last until they know, really know how you feel.

God is good…I mean God is really really good. Tonight I could have lost my husband…He had a car accident tonight and strangely I knew it happened before I knew it happened (no one said this was going to make sense lol) I was in the bathroom roller setting my hair 🙂 and I kept feeling the strong urge to call my husband but I kept ignoring the urge wanting to finish my hair. The feeling, the urge turned into a kind of voice in my head and I almost can hear someone faintly saying, “call him” but I wouldn’t. I wanted to finish my hair. I figured I would call and check on him when I was done. Then the thought was seeping into my head (boy, he sure is taking a long time to get home from work). Then the baby started acting up and messing with everything in the bathroom, and as if to add to my craziness the baby took all my hair products from under the sink and started scattering them everywhere. It was so loud like a crashing sound (yes I said like a crashing sound) he was just being strangely destructive. I was getting a weird anxiety at the moment and asked my older son to take him out the bathroom and my exact words were “I can’t take it, I can’t take this right now” I was talking about the crashing sound and my phone rings…

I ask my son to answer it please I can’t right now and I hear “what, your in an accident?”….

My heart skipped a beat as a grab for the phone…As I skip forward let me just say that my husband is ok, the people in the other car are ok and God is so good the other driver admits it was his fault.

I thank God for the serious prayer warriors from my church. When I didn’t know fully what had happened, because he had to quickly hang up and promised to call me back, that he just wanted me to know what had happened. I was left confused scared and worried. But I remember a song I use to sing, that whenever you have done all you can all that’s left to do is stand. Basically pray and let God handle the rest. So I texted TWO people from my church only TWO asking for prayer. Asking that my husband would be ok. That the other people would be ok, asking just for prayer and to please spread the word and boy did it spread 🙂 We waist no time. My brothers and sisters in Christ jumped on that prayer bandwagon like a family you could only wish you had. I got text messages from the instant letting me know that their praying. My phone just kept alerting me of a new warrior praying for my husband every second.

When I hear the details it scares me, and to know he was driving 60 miles an hour when this person backed out in front of him, to hear that he had to swerve into on coming traffic and he is able to walk away can only be God.

Thank you Lord for saving my husband, thank you for giving our family more time with him. Obviously you still needed him here to do your work and I pray he makes you as proud as he makes me.


{January 6, 2012}   What’s for dinner?

In one pot put some parboiled rice to cook. Add some butter and garlic salt.

In a large skillet drizzle some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). When that gets hot enough put chopped garlic in and some curry. I use Juliana Jamaican authentic curry.
Let the curry cook really good then add mushrooms,chopped potatoes, celery,tomatoes, cilantro,and red onions. To season it’s best to use garlic salt rather than regular salt. Black pepper and a little Mrs. Dash.
When cooked to your tenderness pour on top of your rice and serve. Delicious and healthy. mmm

Let me know what you think…Thanks 🙂

{January 6, 2012}   My hair, Your Hair

So let’s talk hair…Your on your natural hair journey and so badly want to know your “hair type”  Well friends simply said it just doesn’t exist. If you are a naturallista and truly believe in your heart that I am wrong please forgive me this is my opinion and I’m allowed to have it 🙂 I just so disagree with the whole hair typing thing going around. We are all different in our own way and we all have our own specific hair type.

I’m noticing rather than people embracing and enjoying their natural hair journey they are focusing more on comparing their hair textures to others, and trying to make their hair look like someone else’s. It makes me sad to see this, especially when your new to the natural hair journey you may or may not realize that you probably can’t have the same look as someone you saw on youtube or some other website. You may get discouraged and decide to relax your hair because your hair isn’t what you expected it to be.

One thing I’ve learned while on my journey is never expect anything. When you first start growing, the first hair that grows out is not necessarily what your curl pattern will be. I’ve noticed for a lot of woman the first hair that grows post relaxer is very rough, and coarse but as you continue to grow your hair, condition it and take care of your hair you will notice the change in it. It will start to soften and become more and more manageable, and as you find the items that work specific for you, you will notice even more of a difference.

Also remember what works for one may not work for another. Because we all have different hair textures and have different lifestyles it is impossible for one product to be the “magical product” for everybody. No product is gauranteed. All you can do is see a good review or hear something good about a product and try it. If it works great if not pass it on to someone else and keep searching.

We are such an instant gratification needing society that we want it now now now. We don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses. How boring would it be to big chop and instantly have beautiful locks down your back?… (ok let’s be honest that would be kind of cool) but were would the lesson be. The lesson of patience, of hard work, of learning yourself and your body.

Ladies this can be a real fun process if you just take your time be patient and enjoy the ride. I love trying something new that maybe I read about recently in a blog, or in one of the many books I read and it work on me. It’s so much fun and exciting when you tried a new item or concoction and see something new your hair does like shines differently or hangs in a cute new way.

Vitamins are helpful to take while on your journey and there good for your body too. Eating healthy along with excercising in conjunction with good hair care and trying products that work for you will all have a part in a beautiful and enjoyable hair journey. Good luck and God Bless friends.

Please check out my youtube channel: Msbighairdontcare


Kids love smoothies. It’s like a dessert to them, or just the fact that it’s in a cup with a straw is sometimes so much more appealing to them. Especially when you want them to eat a more exotic fruit like a papaya. Maybe not so exotic to us, but sometimes very strange to children. According to my kids the papaya is: slimey, eww, wet, etc. (I’m sure you get the point). Now take that same fruit turn it into a smoothie and stick a straw in it and voila! “Oooh mommy this is good.”

So this is what you do:

Cut a papaya in four slices (slice it long not across if that makes sense). With a knife just gently brush the seeds off (into a bowl because you can dry them and plant them later). Then with your knife slice the skin off and place papaya into blender. About 2 cups of vanilla almond milk, and 1 serving of vanilla yogurt. For children you might be able to get away with no sugar because of the vanilla yogurt but if you feel the need just add two table spoons (preferably one ) of sugar. Blend with half a cup of ice and enjoy! Very simple and easy really can’t go wrong 🙂


{January 5, 2012}   Whats for dessert?…

For dessert I did something very simple that I’ve told you guys about before. I actually got this from my girlfriend in Vero Beach and tweaked it to my liking.

Fruit Medley

Choose what fruit you would like to use or in my case (what fruit I can afford at the time lol) and for this dessert we used: green grapes, red grapes, and strawberries which I actually cut in fours to make it seem like more and to evenly distribute amongst the other fruit 🙂 and blueberries. Wash thoroughly and separate grapes from stems.

Place the fruit in a large enough Tupperware and shake. Then squeeze lemon juice over top to preserve fruit and keep it fresh. refrigerate for a while to chill then put spoonfuls in each bowl and a dollop of whip cream if you would like and watch the smiles on your family’s face 🙂


{January 5, 2012}   Whats for dinner tonight?…

Tonight I made a vegetable pasta dish and every time I make it I usually change something here or there but this time this is what I did…

First I boiled some angel hair pasta.

While that’s working in a large skillet I heat a drizzle of olive oil. As the olive oil is heating I’m chopping half of a large red onion, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, celery, 1/2 of a jalopeno pepper, mushrooms and cilantro. I pour all of my chopped vegetables into the skillet and let it sizzle a bit (mmm what a wonderful sound it makes). I drizzle a little more olive oil on top then season with some salt pepper and lots of chopped garlic.

When thats cooked to my liking (you may like yours cooked more than mine but I like a little crunch to mine) then I add sweet corn and a few green olives (you can add black olives I prefer green). Turn the stove off and drain your pasta and pour your veggies on top of your pasta. sprinkle some feta (or should I say a lot of feta lol) over top of your vegetables and let the steam melt it a little.

Very tasty and healthy and something new you can try if you are already a vegetarian. Or for someone who is considering it and wants to try it out on there family first and see how they will handle a vegetarian meal.

Please let me know how it goes 🙂

More recipes to come

{January 3, 2012}   Love doing hair!!!

I just love what I do!

My passion for helping people feel good about themselves is so fun and rewarding. Working in the fashion industry IS being an artist. Allow me to explain…It’s like taking a blank canvas standing back looking at it and seeing it for it’s full potential. It’s like taking that canvas and adding all kinds of colors and shapes in all different places, but while your working no one can really see the beauty but you until it’s done. Then voila..!  There it is… your masterpiece.  As people ooh and ahh you stand and observe  in complete silence completely tuning out the world and critiquing your work…when you finally say it is good.

et cetera